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Creating professional design without the big PRICE TAG. We produce perfect brands, vibrant identities, outstanding websites and creative concepts.

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Whether you need a new logo, new website or new print material that looks like a million bucks but didn't cost that! then BMR can help.

Branding & Identity
  • Websites

    Web Design & Build

    We create fully custom websites with a strong focus on visual design, easy navigation, quality development, and web standards. Utilizing custom management tools like NYX Software we can give clients the freedom to keep their sites up to date in an easy to use environment.

  • Branding & Identity

    Logo / Business Cards

    Marketing a business cannot work if branding is not in place. To get your marketing structured, we create logos, iconography, color schemes, design style, and overall continuity to define your business.

  • Printable

    Brochures / Flyers

    While print materials may be a formality for some industries, others rely on them. We help ensure all your print materials (business cards, brochures, trade show materials, mail campaigns, magazine ads, postcards, etc.) match the rest of your marketing materials. Continuity is key to ensure your brand is established.

  • Illustrations

    Custom Illustrations

    Dreamers and doodlers, we believe illustration is one of the quickest, deepest, most meaningful ways to convey your message to the world. Most of our cover art is conceptualized & illustrated by hand. It evolves on paper before entering the digital canvas.


Based in the Heart of the Rangitikei BMR Creative is a small but experienced studio specialising in professional and affordable design packages that you may require.

With over 15 years in the industry BMR Creative offers experience and knowledge to create clean, professional designs for web sites, business cards, brochures, etc. that distinguish your brand and convey your vision.


We are always adding to our growing portfolio so make sure you check in often.

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  • Websites
  • Logo

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